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Customer Service Clerk – Allocator – Dagenham

Full description:

Role Summary

What’s the role?

Admin Clerks are responsible for monitoring all Stock movements that enter or leave site. Ensuring that the system is fully up to date and accurately reflects what is happening on Site.

The monitoring of Stock entering receipt lanes and being placed into storage to ensure all stock is systematically accounted for.

The monitoring of Stock from storage to marshalling lanes, to ensure all stock is systematically accounted for, whilst also checking despatched stock to confirm the correct load is leaving site.

Monitoring the peak periods of the operation to determine if a Load can be processed early or instructed to wait for booking time.

Responsibilities and Objectives

What will I be responsible for?

  • Attend work on a regular and timely basis.
  • Achieve and maintain the required level of work rate.
  • Follow instructions from your Shift Manager.
  • Maintain good communication with your Shift Manager and Team Leader.
  • Ensuring receipts are fully completed and that goods are at the correct receiving site
  • Ensuring Collections are fully pre-assembled (4 Hour Lead) and correctly despatched
  • Keeping Timings on the Above (Arrival / on-bay / start / finish / despatch)
  • Selecting Loading / Un-loading Bay based on current operational requirements.
  • Updating the Electronic Schedule and Auto-store to maintain an accurate representation of activities taking place on site.
  • Creating Despatch loads and ensuring the correct order is attached (This warrants investigation of Note / Transporeon / SAP)
  • Communicating with Warehouse
  • Processing Co-Packer Loads
  • Updating Transporeon to reflect current Status of Shipments
  • Communicating with 3rd Parties using Note
  • Short stock investigation
  • Communicating with Hauliers
  • Various reports for sites benefit (PGI/PGR / ATP / MB5T etc.)
  • Zslocmove –  when on night shift
  • Due to the nature of the role we are looking for dependable and committed individuals. You will have great organizational skills in order to work in a pressurized and busy environment to meet deadlines.  You should have a confident and effective communication ability to work on your own initiative and willingness to resolve issues in line with company procedures. You will enjoy working in a physical environment.


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